The Palau Ducal dels Borja Foundation is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) approved by the UN in 2015.

We work to offer visitors a quality, inclusive, responsible and sustainable experience, and since 2019 we have adhered to the Valencian Tourism Code of Ethics, an adaptation of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

If you are going to visit the Palau Ducal, we make the following recommendations with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism:

  Plan your visit

  • You can buy your tickets online and you don’t need to print them out, just show them on your mobile phone.
  • Remember that if you are going to use the audio guide we will provide you with reusable headphones, but it is better if you bring your own (Jack type connector).

  How to get to the Palau Ducal

  • Use public transport. You can find out how to get there by train or bus here.
  • Use the bicycle as a means of transport. Gandía has a good network of cycle lanes that runs through the city and connects the city centre with the beach. Palau has bike racks for up to 10.  Moreover, in the area around the Palau you can park your bike in the Town Hall square or in the Serpis car park, with capacity for 20 bikes, free of charge. Check the bike lane network of Gandia here.

  During your visit

  • If you need more information, you can consult it on this website through the QR code that you will also find in Palau Ducal.
  • Make use of the recycling containers available in the entrance hall.
  • Remember to use water responsibly in the toilets.
  • To improve the tour and work areas and to be more energy efficient, the Palau Ducal has an energy-saving lighting system.


Palau Ducal dels Borja works to achieve objectives that cover the three areas of sustainable development: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

These are the main objectives on which we work and the actions carried out to achieve them:

Collaboration in campaigns and initiatives with social aims focused on groups at risk of social exclusion or discrimination.

Programming of activities aimed at children and teenagers to learn about the history and characters of the Palau in an educational way.

The Palau Ducal dels Borja collaborates in curricular training programmes.

Implementation and annual audit of the Protocol against sexual or gender-based harassment and Remuneration Register.

Updating of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that applies to employees to improve working and contracting conditions.

Training of Palau staff in the provision of the service aimed at people with functional diversity.

We have the technical report and recommendations on accessibility drawn up by PREDIF and the TUR4all accessible tourist resource label.

We promote the efficient use of water among both employees and visitors.

One of the policies of the Ducal Palace is the continuous improvement of its tourist-cultural activity.

Installation of low-consumption lighting throughout the building, presence detectors and timers in transit areas and bathrooms.

Advice to visitors for a more sustainable visit.

Use of recycled materials in promotional material and encouraging visitors to use ICT to keep informed about our activities, buy tickets or plan their visit.

We work mainly with local companies and suppliers.

Accession to the climate foundations pact. 

Palau Ducal dels Borja is a member of the Xarxa d’Espais Culturals de Gandia (XEC); the SICTED improvement groups in Tourism Sustainability, Universal Accessibility and Tourism Experiences; the Valencian Tourism Code of Ethics and is a member of the Spanish Association of Foundations.


C/ Duc Alfons el Vell, 1.
39.966117, -0.180098

46701 Gandia (Valencia) ESPAÑA

TEL. +34 962 871 465 |