-To access to the museum you have to wear your mask.

– If you have any symptom compatible with Covid-19, please don’t enter the building and attend a health center as soon as possible. 

– Visitors must respect the security distance (at least 2 meters).

– To wash hands frequently is highly recommended. You can find hygienic points during the tour.

– The entrance will have priority if the tickets are booked in advance.

– It is preferable to pay online or by card.

– Bought-online tickets have to be exchanged in the tickets office before entering the building.

– The museum hasn’t cloakroom service.

– To access to the tour you have to follow the Access Specifications and the markers on the floor and the walls on the main floor.

– The lift can only be used by limited-mobility people (2 people max.)

– To guarantee the interpersonal distance people can only stay in the Courtyard the time they are waiting to enter the building. When the tour is finished visitors should leave the building.

– The sense of the tour must always be respected by the visitors.

– It is not allowed to touch objects or furniture in the inside of the building.

– Toilet access is limited to one person per zone.

–  Throw-away waste like masks, gloves, handkerchiefs etc. must be put in the covered-bins.


–  No smoking.

– The interior of the building cannot be accessed with food or drink.

– It is forbidden to touch or sit on the furniture of the Palau.

– It is forbidden to run in the inside of the building.

– Please keep a low tone so as not to disturb other visitors.
– If accompanied by children, make sure they are close to you and do not neglect their behaviour.

– Flash photographs are not allowed inside.

– No animal is allowed to enter the enclosure except for guide dogs.

– Please, turn off the volume of your phone during the visit.

– Tickets will be consumed at the same time of purchase.

– Palau Ducal dels Borja reserves the right to allow access inside once the guided tour begins.

– Palau Ducal dels Borja reserves the right to alter or modify the visiting hours depending on its program of activities.

– Entrance to those who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances is prohibited.

– Entry with an umbrella or any object that could damage the heritage of the Palau is prohibited.

– The right to intellectual property and reproduction limit the free dissemination of images of the building.




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