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The ducal palace, having been declared a cultural interest from 1964 is one of the most emblematic and important examples of civil architecure of the Valencian architectural and ornamental heritage

Arts al Palau 2012

El Palau Ducal dels Borja acull la novena edició del certamen cultural 'Arts al Palau'. Enguany participen les artistes Teresa Cháfer, Carmen Marcos, Silvia Molinero, Abaroa/Navalón, Bia Santos i Sara Vilar.

Arts al Palau 2011

'Arts to Palau' reaches its 8th edition and this year will feature the work of three valencian artists: Natuka Jose Albelda and Ginestar. The exhibition will be in the Ducal Palace until July 31.

Ethnic 2011

The cultural festival 'Ethnic', organized by the Palau Ducal Foundation and the NGO Globalmon, receive this year to the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, with its ancient dances and for many years prohibited. Performance will be July 9 to 22.30.

Restoration Project of the Golden Gallery

The restoration done by the Heritage Restoration Institute at the UPV enabled us to recover the authentic beauty of the original paintings of the Golden Gallery.

Restoration Project of the Saint’s Chapel

The conservation and restoration works carried out in Francis Borgia’s private chapel were focused on recovering the original mural paintings from the 16 century.


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