Borgian Dinners of the Senses

The 18/08/17, timetables: Punt de Trobada(20:45h)a la Plaça Escoles Pies. Comença a les 21:00h.

It is an initiative in which we seek to combine history, 
culture and gastronomy, in a unique experience that surprises
the guests by taking them back in time to the era of the Borgias, 
but not only through the recreation of the environment but also 
through the taste. 
Evarist Miralles, "Best cook in Spain 2011-2012”, will be in charge 
of conducting a dinner based on products and liturgies of the Borgian era. 
A completely surprising experience for the palate in a special atmosphere 
generated by combining the most intimate spaces of the Ducal Palace 
with the best chamber music that will accompany the guests throughout the dinner. 
The meeting point of the diners will be outside the Palace. 
In this way they can spend the afternoon in the shops of our town or eat some snacks 
in the nearby restaurants,  before they approach the starting point 
for the special evening we have prepared for you.

Schedules, prices and important information:

Days 7th and 21st of July and 4th and 18th of August
Meeting time: 21.00h in Escuelas Pías Square.
Price: € 80 per diner.
* Payment has to be done in advance.
It is important to communicate possible allergies and intolerances.